Knesset rejects no-confidence motions

Plenum debates anti-government proposals submitted by opposition factions for last time this summer session, removes all from agenda.

Mordechai Sones ,

Knesset plenum
Knesset plenum

The Knesset plenum today rejected all no-confidence motions submitted by the opposition factions for the last time this summer session.

MK Shelly Yachimovich presented the Zionist Union's motion related to the Nationality Law: "It's not the Nationality Law. It's the Law of Nationalism. Nationality is love of the land and love of its people. Nationalism is hatred of the other. And this is a law full of hatred and racism. After understanding the section permitting settlement by race makes Israel an apartheid state, you have to 'compromise' on seeing Jewish settlement as a national value and an activity for its establishment.

"How did we succeed to this day establishing a magnificent Jewish and democratic state and to settle in the Land of Israel, to this day, without the Nationalism Law; how many new settlements did you establish in the Galilee during the years when you were in power?"

Knesset-Government Liaison Minister Yariv Levin replied "this state is a Jewish State - with all the implications, and we list them in the Nationality Law because we must remind you of them - that has a democratic regime. Our law has brought us to a situation where instead of a Jewish State that has a democratic regime. Unfortunately, the sad trends of the Israeli left, which also controls and controls our legal system, have led us to a situation where instead of a Jewish state with a democratic regime, we have become a state of all its citizens - or lately, all its infiltrators that here and there, when it doesn't disturb their honor too much, there's also a little Jewish life.

"Therefore, we'll bring this law today and we will correct this basic and fundamental matter. We'll make sure that at least the unfortunate excuse that until today has been used by judicial system heads - 'Look, there are only laws that talk about equality, there are no laws that speak of a Jewish State, so what do you want from us in rulings?' This excuse will no longer be heard," concluded Minister Levin.