Eviction in Tapuah West

Hundreds of policemen already arrived overnight to Samaria community.to evacuate youth who had come to protest the impending destruction.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

הפינוי בעיצומו
הפינוי בעיצומו
צילום: אהוד אמיתון/TPS

Israeli security forces began evacuating this morning, Sunday, the 10 buildings in Tapuah West in Samaria, which are expected to be demolished following a Supreme Court order.

Hundreds of policemen and soldiers had already arrived at the hill overnight, and began evacuating from the site youths who had come to protest the eviction and impending destruction.

During the night, police detained more than 40 boys and girls who were on the hill. The detainees were taken to the community of Ofra, where they were released without being interrogated.

In addition, another 10 youths were detained at several intersections on the way to Tapuah. All were released, except for a minor of about 15, who was arrested at the Ofra junction.

The Honenu legal organization stated that during the arrest of the minor, the police threatened to use a taser on him. He was taken to the Binyamin station where he was interrogated, after which he was released to house arrest for five days. Adv. Nati Rom assisted the minor on behalf of the organization.