Watch: Evacuation of houses in Tapuah West

Hundreds of Police evacuate houses slated for demolition in Samaria community. Today, police will try to gain control over the other houses.

Yoni Kempinski ,

הכוחות מגיעים לגבעה
הכוחות מגיעים לגבעה
אהוד אמיתון/TPS

On Saturday night, hundreds of police officers arrived at Tapuah West in Samaria and began an attempt to take control of the houses which the Supreme Court ruled should be evacuated by the end of this month.

The residents of the hill reported that the police moved from house to house, arresting many youths who were inside and outside the houses. The arrested youths were transferred to buses and trucks and dropped off at intersections far from the area.

The residents criticize the police, which they say used violence against youth who came to protest the evacuation. Among other things, a police officer threatened a youth: "I'll break your face."

In the course of the day, police are expected to try to gain control over additional houses slated for demolition, as well as hundreds of youths who are still in these houses, and confrontations are expected because the residents announced that they will not be evicted voluntarily from the hill.

One of the residents said that "During the last few months negotiations were held with the state in order to allow the residents to remain on the hill, but we decided to go out and fight for the Land of Israel once we realized that the state refuses to allow Jews to continue to live in Tapuah West."