Trump: I may attend opening of US embassy in Jerusalem

US President says he is still considering attending opening ceremony for US embassy in Israel's capital in 2 weeks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he may attend the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on May 14.

When asked by reporters whether he intends to attend the opening ceremony of the new embassy in two weeks' time, Trump responded: "Maybe I'll visit Jerusalem this month."

A report in March said Trump would not attend the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem due to scheduling conflicts.

It was reported that in the president’s place, Trump's daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner would represent the administration at the embassy's opening ceremony.

This week, it was reported that Trump was considering attending the opening of the embassy and that he may pardon Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

"Jerusalem has been promised for many years. [Past presidents] have all made campaign promises, but never had the courage to do it. So I might go," President Trump said at a press conference last Friday.

Earlier Tuesday, the Israeli Supreme Court cleared the last legal hurdle for the opening of the first embassy in Jerusalem by rejecting a petition against the construction of the embassy.