Court blocks freeze on civil service course for haredim

National Labor Court delays, until ruling on appeal, lower court decision ordering that course be frozen unless women included.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gavel (illustration)
Gavel (illustration)

The course "Influencing for Civil Service" to train haredim to integrate into the civil service will not be frozen for the time being, the National Labor Court ruled this morning, Sunday.

The court ordered a delay in the decision of the Regional Labor Court, according to which if ten women were not included in the course within a short time, the state would have to freeze it.

The delay in execution will allow the course to continue until a ruling on the state’s appeal of the decision of the Regional Labor Court.

The Regional Labor Court ruled that holding the course with gender separation, such that the course first opens to men and only later to women, constitutes discrimination and, therefore, ordered the state to integrate women into the existing course - or else freeze it.

Following the ruling, the state appealed to the National Labor Court and announced that it did not intend to integrate women into the current cycle of the course, which is intended for men.

The issue of holding the course with gender separation will now be decided by the National Labor Court.