'Why doesn't Hamas invest in hospitals and schools?'

Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories gives interview to BBC, issues a stern warning to Hamas.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Yoav Mordechai
Yoav Mordechai
IDF SPokesperson's Unit

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Yoav Mordechai, was interviewed by the BBC’s Arabic language service on Thursday, and delivered a clear message to Gaza terrorists.

Noting that 13 rockets fired from Gaza had exploded in Israel over the last ten days, Mordechai said, "We found two tunnels inside the sovereign territory of Israel. Israeli genius and the Jewish brain have found a solution [to the tunnels] and are continuing to find a solution. Just like there is an aerial Iron Dome, there is an underground Iron Dome and an offensive Iron Dome."

He added that 13 terrorists were killed inside the two tunnels that were discovered under Israel's sovereign territory. "Over the last three years there have been incidents inside Gaza and 30 people were killed in 31 tunnels. I checked the numbers.”

"Over the past three years, more than $150 million has been invested by Hamas in the tunnels. Why did not they invest in hospitals, in schools?" said Mordechai, who then conveyed a clear message to Gaza, "Israel does not want escalation, but Israel will stand with all its might if Hamas continues to harm Israeli sovereignty and if it continues to fire rockets.”

The BBC interviewer complained that the IDF's response to the rocket fire – which comes in the form of airstrikes on Hamas targets – was too exaggerated.

Major General Mordechai replied, "The question is who is responsible for the terror coming out of Gaza? The responsibility lies in Hamas in Gaza, and it is responsible for and clearly stands behind all the rocket fire that comes, no matter who fires the actual rocket – lone terrorists, jihadists or others.”

“I want to convey a clear message: Hamas and the people of Gaza still remember the results of the war three years ago. I just heard the words of Ismail Haniyeh, who is the head of the terrorist organization. What has Hamas brought after 30 years? Only hunger, poverty, destruction and war," continued Mordechai, who noted that Israel has the full authority to protect its citizens.

"Any rocket that is fired will be met with a harsh response. If Hamas wants escalation, it will continue to allow extremist organizations to fire at Israel. If it does not want escalation, it should stop the fire entirely, completely and immediately."