Haredi officer awarded huge settlement over harassment

Court rules publishers of 'Shaming' pamphlets targeting and harassing haredi soldiers must pay 650,000 shekels to haredi officer.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

effigy of haredi soldiers
effigy of haredi soldiers
Police spokesperson

A court ruled Sunday evening that haredi IDF officer Yehuda Glickman would receive compensation totaling NIS 650,000 ($185,000) for abuse he suffered from extremist anti-draft haredi activists.

Officer Glickman had filed a civil suit against the distributors of 'Shaming' pamphlets which incited against him and other haredi IDF soldiers.

The court ordered the defendants to pay NIS 500,000 in damages and another NIS 100,000 for legal expenses.

Glickman's attorney Shlomi Weinberg said that "this is one of the first rulings that make it clear that haredi society is not closed - and the blood of haredi soldiers is not abandoned, just as their honor is sacred."

For several years, Glickman has served as a recruitment officer, focusing on the haredi sector. He and his family faced incessant personal attacks for an extended period after his personal details were leaked by extremist agitators in the haredi community,

In response, Glickman decided to hire a private investigator to locate the people leading the smear campaign against them and to obtain legal evidence against them. He had demanded compensation of NIS 2.4 million ($682,000).