Syria to UN: Condemn 'blatant Israeli aggressions'

Syria urges UN to take action following reports of Israeli attack on an arms factory in Homs.

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Israel-Syria border
Israel-Syria border

Syria on Thursday urged the UN to take action against what it called “Israeli continued attacks on Syrian civilians and their properties”, after Arab media reported that Israel attacked an arms factory in the rural areas south of the Syrian city of Homs.

According to the reports, the attack was carried out by IAF fighter jets. Reports also said that Syria responded to the airstrikes.

Israel has not responded to the reports.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry, however, set two letters to the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the Security Council complaining about the alleged Israeli attack.

The letters claimed, according to Syria's SANA news agency, that Israeli aircraft fired four missiles, from Lebanese airspace, on a copper factory for civil industries in the Hassyah industrial area in Homs province.

The letters also added that the Israeli continued attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic are a response to “the great victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army on Israel’s tools of terrorist organizations, particularly Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS.”

“The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls upon the UNSC to condemn the blatant Israeli aggressions and calls on the international organization to adopt firm and immediate measures to stop those attacks and hold Israel accountable for its support to terrorism which would inflame the situation in the region and the world,” the ministry said, according to SANA.

This marks the second time in recent weeks that Syria has complained to the UN about Israel. Several weeks ago, Syria sent similar letters after the IDF destroyed three Syrian artillery cannons in retaliation for four rockets from Syrian exploding in the northern Golan Heights.

The letters charged Israel with instructing “terrorists” to launch mortar shells on empty land “inside the occupied territories to give the Israeli enemy a pretext to carry out its aggression.”

“The new aggression leaves no doubt as to the links between the Israeli occupation and terrorist organizations as facts and incidents add up to prove this said the Ministry, with the goal being the destabilization of the Syrian Arab Republic,” claimed the letters.

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) on Thursday refused to confirm the reports of Israel's alleged strike in Syria the night before.

“I am not addressing the reports,” he told Army Radio. “Israel has acted in the past and will act in the future to prevent the smuggling of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah. [Israel’s] red lines against the armament of Hezbollah and Iran’s foothold in Syria are known.”