'Israel will act to prevent the arming of Hezbollah'

While refusing to confirm reports of Israeli airstrike on Syrian arms factory, Intelligence Minister notes Israel's 'red lines.'

Tal Polon ,

Flash 90

Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz spoke this morning, Thursday, with Army Radio about the events last night in Syria and Israel’s strike on the terror tunnel dug from Gaza.

On Wednesday, Arab media reported that Israel attacked an arms factory in the rural areas south of the Syrian city of Homs.

According to the reports, the attack was carried out by IAF fighter jets. Reports also said that Syria responded to the airstrikes.

Katz, however, refused to confirm the reports.

“I am not addressing the reports,” he said. “Israel has acted in the past and will act in the future to prevent the smuggling of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah. [Israel’s] red lines against the armament of Hezbollah and Iran’s foothold in Syria are known.”

Katz also referred to Israel’s explosion earlier this week of a terror tunnel that infiltrated to sovereign Israeli territory from Gaza.

"The military operation that was carried out in the south is exceptional both in location and in expression. The IDF has proven its ability."

According to Katz, "The tunnel exposed the face of Abbas and his reconciliation government."

“Fatah will not be the smiling face even as Hamas and Islamic Jihad operate in the field,” he added.