Watch: IDF arrests suspects involved in deadly car crash

Etzion Regional Brigade forces arrest Arabs in village of Husan south of J'lem responsible for accident in which 14-year-old killed Friday.

Ido ben Porat ,

IDF activity in Husan
IDF activity in Husan
IDF Spokesperson

Security forces of the Etzion Regional Brigade embarked on an operation late Monday night in the village of Husan along Route 60 south of Jerusalem, where they arrested suspects connected to a recent deadly car crash.

The accident took place last Friday night after Rosh Hashanah. A head-on collision occurred on the Husan bypass road between the vehicle of a family from the community of Tzur Hadassah and two vehicles belonging to PA Arabs from Husan. As a result of the accident, a 14-year-old boy from Tzur Hadassah was killed and his parents evacuated to the hospital.

The Arabs had been driving vehicles forbidden by law to be on the road due to their poor condition. Driving such vehicles, especially at high speeds, is life-threatening.

As part of the operation, three lawbreakers were arrested, two of them suspected of causing the accident, and one of the vehicles involved in the accident was confiscated. In addition, the forces combed the Husan area and confiscated four other defective vehicles.

Major Oren Ben, deputy commander of the Shahar battalion of the rescue brigade that carried out the operation, said, "The Husan bypass is a road where we deal daily with various incidents, making the operation top priority. The whole battalion operated in the village area in order to convey a very clear message - we will not suffer harm to the lives of civilians and therefore we will act with great severity in order to prevent terrorist incidents and violations of the law on the one hand, and on the other bring to justice those who carry out these actions.”

Major Ben concluded: "The operation was very successful and hopefully will lead to deterrence and a halt in such dangerous events from now on. The IDF and the units of the Etzion Regional Brigade will continue to act against terrorism and violations of the law on the Husan bypass and in the region in general. We have zero tolerance for harm to residents traveling along the roads. "