Soldier who fled terror attack thrown out of commando unit

Soldier lightly wounded in stabbing attack dismissed from elite unit for fleeing his attacker.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Scene of stabbing attack in Mevo Dotan
Scene of stabbing attack in Mevo Dotan
Samaria Regional Council

The soldier who was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack outside of the town of Mevo Dotan in Samaria a week and a half ago was dismissed from his unit on Sunday over his failure to properly respond to the attack.

On June 1st, a 16-year old terrorist stabbed a soldier from the elite Maglan commando unit, lightly injuring him.

After being injured, however, the soldier did not open fire on his attacker or attempt to overpower her and instead fled the scene.

A second soldier took aim at the terrorist and neutralized her. She later died from her wounds.

On Sunday, the wounded soldier’s commanding officer completed his inquiry into the soldier’s behavior during the attack, finding his response inappropriate. The officer then moved to dismiss the soldier from the unit.