'We will take care of illegal building in Judea and Samaria'

Foreign Ministry speaks to EU representative, calls 'obsession' with Israel 'baffling'

Nitsan Keidar ,

Israel's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem
Israel's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem
Flash 90

European Union Vice Ambassador Mark Gallagher on Tuesday was called to Israel's Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, to respond to Israel's demolition of illegal Arab buildings which were built in Khan al-Ahmar by the EU.

During the meeting, the Foreign Ministry explained to Gallagher that all illegal building in Israel must be attended within the confines of the law.

The Foreign Ministry also said they are baffled by the EU's "constant obsession" with building in Israel.

"There are currently 32 humanitarian crises in the world, but the EU chooses to spend disproportionate amounts of energy on where Israel builds - even though it is by no means a humanitarian crisis," the Foreign Ministry said.

February 2016 saw a 450% increase in the number of illegal - but EU-funded - Arab buildings in Area C of Judea and Samaria.

Area C is under full Israeli control, and it is the only area of Judea and Samaria where Jews are allowed to live. Arabs, however, are allowed to live in Areas A, B, and C.

In November, the EU announced its intention to sue Israel for damages, after Israel destroyed several EU-built illegal buildings in Judea and Samaria.