Report: Netanyahu working to shelve Regulation Law

Legislation was to wait until after swearing in of Trump; sources now say PM has no intention of allowing completion of legislation.

Ido ben Porat,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not intend to bring the Regulation Law up for a vote in second and third reading, it was reported today (Tuesday) by Haaretz.

The law, which passed its first reading with the support of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Likud Party, among others, is now on the table of an ad hoc Knesset committee established for the purpose of the legislation in the Knesset.

The Special Committee, headed by MK Nissan Slomiansky who temporarily suspended himself from chairing discussions, completed the reading, but votes on the law ahead of the second and third reading were rejected due to Slomiansky's decision.

Immediately after the law was passed on first reading, coalition leaders decided to postpone the rest of the process until after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, but the report claims that the Prime Minister does not intend to continue pushing the bill after Trump's swearing-in.

One could detect a hint of Netanyahu's decision, apparently taken following the UN Security Council resolution regarding the Judea and Samaria communities, in the words of Defense Minister Liberman that "this law must not be legislated."

Coalition chairman David Bitan also clarified at a press briefing this week that since the purpose of the law is to find a solution for settlement - the law becomes redundant if such a solution is found.

In addition, implementation of the proposed outline for resettling the residents of Amona on another part of the hill on which their present homes are located has been delayed for now, despite the fact that the 45 additional days to evacuate the community granted by the Supreme Court will end early next month.