Terror Art exposed

A female terrorist who tried to stab an IDF soldier reveals her drawings illustrating her intention to murder a soldier.

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Ido Ben Porat ,

One of the terrorist's drawings
One of the terrorist's drawings
photo: Police spokesman

A 17-year old female resident of the village of Beit Amin approached a Border Police base near Qalqilya last month brandishing a knife at a soldier standing at the entrance to the base with the intention of stabbing him.

The soldier who saw the terrorist overpowered her. She was arrested and questioned by police. In her investigation, she admitted that she had long planned to stab a soldier and expressed regret that she was not successful.

During the investigation, the terrorist showed investigators her drawings that illustrated her intentions to harm security forces.

At the end of the investigation and the gathering of the evidence, the case was transferred to the Military Prosecutor's Office and the Samaria Military Court, where she was charged with attempted murder.

''The Jerusalem Intifada Continues''
photo: Police spokesman