Legendary IAF pilot Ran Pecker Ronen laid to rest

Brig. Gen. Ran Pecker-Ronen, who flew hundreds of missions and fought in 3 of Israel's major wars, was laid to rest today.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Funeral of Ran Pecker-Ronen
Funeral of Ran Pecker-Ronen
צילום: אלירן אהרון

Hundreds of friends and family came to pay their respects to Brigadier General (res.) Ran Pecker-Ronen, the legendary Israeli Air Force (IAF) pilot who passed away yesterday at the age of 80 after a long illness.

The funeral in Kfar Vitkin was attended by Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv. Rabbi Lau eulogized Gen. Pecker-Ronen, saying "we have lost a friend."

Lieutenant General Dan Halutz said of Gen. Pecker-Ronen: "We had the honor to see you [in action]. You were always calling out to watch over the soldiers. You left your imprint on every operation."

Gen. Pecker-Ronen is considered a legend of the IAF. He flew in hundreds of missions over 27 years as a pilot, including during the Sinai Campaign in 1956, the Six Day War in 1967, and the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He is credited with seven kills of enemy aircraft.

After retiring from the air force, Gen. Pecker-Ronen founded the Zahala Project, which works with at-risk teenagers to instill the values of Zionism, good citizenship and social responsibility in Israeli youth. He was awarded the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism in 2008.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted Pecker-Ronen's long record of service and the number of victorious battles he fought in. "He was a real patriot." the prime Minister said.