Arab attacked over relationship with Jewish girl

Jerusalem resident armed with a knife attacks Arab consorting with a young Jewish woman.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Knifeman (illustrative)
Knifeman (illustrative)

The Jerusalem District Attorney's office filed an indictment against Yitzhak Shazou, a 23-year old resident of Jerusalem, for on charges of assault with a racist motive and unlawful possession of a knife, after he attacked an Arab man who was chatting with a young Jewish woman.

According to the indictment, Shazou was walking down Derech Beit Lehem Stret in Jerusalem one morning in early November, where he noticed an Arab-Israeli citizen speaking with a Jewish woman.

Shazou was acquainted with the two, and according to his claim, the man, R., has a history of pursuing relationships with Jewish women, a fact that enraged the suspect.

Shazou attacked R., throwing him to the ground and beating him until a police officer came to the aid of the victim. Shazou then yelled out "An Arab is (expletive removed) a Jewish girl!"

After his arrest, Shazou asked investigators to wipe his knife and remove his fingerprints. Obstruction of justice was then added to the list of charges against him.