What did the leftist professor do in Hevron?

Amir Hetsroni, a radical leftist lecturer who has gotten under the skin of many Israelis, toured Hevron with LEHAVA's Bentzi Gophstein.

Eliran Aharon ,

Gophstein and Hetsroni at the Cave of the Patriarchs
Gophstein and Hetsroni at the Cave of the Patriarchs
Elimelech Karzan

Amir Hetsroni, former Professor at the Department of Communications at the University of Ariel and a radical leftist publicist now living with his Arab girlfriend, on Tuesday paid a visit to Kiryat Arba and Hevron.

Hetsroni was hosted by Bentzi Gophstein, head of the anti-assimilation organization LEHAVA, as part of a movie being made these days about the two.

Following the tour, Gophstein wrote about it on his Facebook page and said, "I explained to him about the people of Israel. I showed him our roots."

"I told him he must ask forgiveness of the people of Israel, I explained him that he should leave his girlfriend, and I told him to his face that if he did not repent, he will join all those who betrayed the people of Israel and its enemies,” added Gophstein.

Watch a video of the meeting below (in Hebrew):

Video by Elimelech Karzan

Hetsroni rose to national notoriety after a stormy live post-election debate on Channel 2 during which he blamed Sephardic voters for the victory of Binyamin Netanyahu in the elections, and told his interviewer - herself a Sephardic Jew - that "nothing bad would have happened if your parents had stayed in Morocco and rotted there."

He was eventually ejected from the debate, and a complaint was filed with police over his racist rant.

Hetsroni says he believes the Jews who immigrated to Israel following the founding of the State of Israel - and in particular those from "non-Western" countries - should never have been allowed in, and regularly makes public disparaging remarks about nearly every sector of the Jewish population in Israel, most of whom he considers "primitive."

At one point he left the country only to return a few months later.

Hetsroni described his work at the Ariel University as working "in service of the occupation". He was suspended from his job after posting insulting comments about a forum for female victims of sexual assault.

Hetsroni claimed at the time that he was being "persecuted" by the "right wing university" for his left wing views, especially for his stance against IDF actions during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

The university fired Hetsroni, but a labor court later ruled that the dismissal had violated procedural and union rules.