House of Rabbi Mark's murderer to be destroyed

The Supreme Court rejected the calls of leftist organization 'Hamoked' and allowed destruction of terrorist's home.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Rabbi Michael Mark with his wife Chava
Courtesy of the family

Israeli Supreme Court judges Yitzchak Amit, Noam Solberg and Tzvi Zilbertal gave the green light for bulldozing the house of the terrorist Muhmad Abed Almajid Al-Ameira who, along with the terrorist Muhammad Al-Pakia, carried out the attack in which Rabbi Michael Mark from Otniel was murdered, and his wife and children were seriously injured.

The house - one-story, consisting of 5 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom - is owned by Al-Ameira, and is located in the village of Kafr Dura. Al-Meira lived here with his family.

The order from the Supreme Court established that the house is to be completely destroyed by IDF forces.

The Supreme Court decision comes as a rejection of a petition from Al-Ameira's family who, with the help of the far-left organization "Hamoked - the Center for the Defense of the Individual," had called not to destroy the house.

Judge Zilbertal noted that "the petition does not elicit any individual difficulty or unique circumstances which would justify straying from the norm which mandates the destruction of the house [in such cases].

"There is no reason to question the decision of the Army Command to destroy the house in question," he continued. "This is what the law indicates, a time-honored law which, in these trying times, there is a need to apply once again."

Rabbi Michael Mark was murdered about two months ago as he drove in his car near Hevron and was shot. Since then, his wife, seriously injured in the attack, has been hospitalized at Haddasah Hospital in Jerusalem.