Infant who died after abandoned in car identified

15 month-old Eliya Weingott died after being left in a hot car by accident. Mother: 'Please tell me this is a dream.'

Tova Dvorin,

Eliya Weingott
Eliya Weingott
Courtesy of he family

The family of the infant who died in an overheated car in Ashdod Monday cleared his name for publication Tuesday: 15 month-old Eliya Weingott. 

Weingott's mother Odeya posted an emotional good-bye on Facebook Tuesday morning. 

"My angel," she said. "Please, please, please come back to mommy." 

"I am torn, I am half a person, I can't anymore," she continued. "It's so difficult without you, please." 

"I love you like I never had before," she added. "This is the time when you're going to wake up and fill the house with life with your melting smile and my happiness in life." 

"Please, my son, I miss you and I can't stand it. Please tell me that this is a dream, I beg you. Please, G-d." 

The toddler was discovered in a vehicle parked on Millman Street, Ashdod, at noon on Monday. Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics were called to the scene and attempted to perform CPR, but were forced to declare him dead at the scene. 

Eliya's father recounted the ordeal to police, stating that he took his other children to school and forgot his infant son in the car; he only remembered three hours later before rushing to remove him from the vehicle.