Tragedy: Haredi toddler dies after left in car

Young boy had been left in a car for several hours in the blistering heat.

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Ambulance (file)
Ambulance (file)
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Rescue forces were called to the scene of a toddler forgotten in a car in Ashdod. The infant, aged about one and a half years old, showed no signs of life and MDA paramedics confirmed him dead on the scene. 

The toddler was discovered in a vehicle parked on Millman Street, Ashdod, at noon on Monday. The child had reportedly been left in the car for several hours. 

MDA paramedics were called to the scene and tried to perform CPR on a toddler, but were finally forced to confirm his death.

Police stated that they have begun an investigation into the incident.

MDA Lachish Regional Director Ami Ivgi said, "When we got there we saw a baby about a year and three months old unconscious with symptoms of extreme heatstroke. He showed no signs of life and we were forced to confirm him dead. "