Two Jews arrested for 'nationalistic crime'

Two Jews arrested on vague charges of 'nationalistic crime events,' as 5 others wallow in jail without being allowed legal counsel.

Orli Harari,

Police arrest a Jew (illustration)
Police arrest a Jew (illustration)
Flash 90

Two Jews were arrested on Monday on vague suspicions of being involved in "nationalistic crime events," a broad term that often refers to vandalism or other acts targeting Arabs.

The two were arrested within the framework of a case that currently remains under a media gag order. They will be brought in to court on Tuesday for a hearing on an extension of their arrest.

Earlier the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court extended by four days the arrest of two Jewish youths arrested this month on suspicions of crimes against Palestinians.

Judge Eliana Danieli criticized the conduct of the security forces who did not update the parents of one of the minor prisoners who felt unwell last Friday and was sent for medical treatment.

Only on Monday morning in the hearing was the family of the minor told in court that he was treated by a doctor and that he feels good, although his parents and lawyer are still being prevented from meeting with him in a severe breach of rights.

Aside from the two another three Jews were arrested this month, likewise on vague suspicions of crimes targeting Palestinian Arabs. The five have been denied legal consultation.

Of the three, one adult prisoner had his arrest extended by three days, while a hearing is to be held later in the day for another adult prisoner and an IDF soldier who was likewise arrested with them.

The families of the five prisoners last Thursday requested that the Chief Rabbis get involved, after it was indicated that the five were being prevented from observing Shabbat in a severe breach of their religious rights. There also are concerns they are being tortured.

Aside from the two arrested Monday and the other five arrested earlier this month, nationalist activist Meir Ettinger remains under an administrative arrest without trial or charges against him. He has been held for over eight months, and recently was blocked from attending his firstborn son's brit milah (circumcision), while allegedly suffering abuse.