'We hear about suspects being tortured'

Court to examine right-wing activists' appeal against detention conditions. Parents: We don't know what they're doing to our children.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Prison cell
Prison cell

A Central District court will examine the appeal filed by the lawyers representing five right-wing activists on Tuesday afternoon. The activists, including an IDF soldier, were arrested on suspicion of security offenses against Palestinians.

The court will first discuss the appeal against an emergency order preventing the prisoners from meeting with their lawyer, then the appeal against their arrest.

The father of one prisoner has expressed concern over his son's condition. "My child is being held in a Shin Bet cellar without being allowed to meet with a lawyer and without them informing us of his situation. As a father of five sons who served in combat units, some of them officers, it's difficult when the country treats you as a citizen without rights.

"We are very concerned that they are using unreasonable and illegal pressure on him during interrogations. We've already heard about recent prisoners who were tortured and we have no peace," he said.

The prisoners are being represented by Chai Haber, Aharon Rosa and Adi Kider. All three are with the legal defense organization Honenu.

Haber represents the soldier and an additional minor. He claims that "this investigation deals with old incidents for which some of the suspects have already been investigated and released. Sadly, we cannot ignore the feeling that we are at the beginning of a 'rerun' of the Shin Bet and police conduct from the Duma case.

"Unfortunately suspects in the State of Israel are again arrested without being given the right to meet with a lawyer. Once again, inflated and unreasonable requests for arrests are submitted, and once again, the suspects' basic rights are being denied. I hope that someone from the investigating authority comes to his senses and understands that the laws need to be upheld and that even suspects deserve rights."

He added that "we intend to exhaust all the legal procedures at our disposal to ensure that a fair investigation is held in accordance with the law."

In conclusion, Haber added: "You can't treat an IDF soldier like a common criminal. This conduct calls to mind the treatment of the soldier in Hevron. These are the best of our sons who give of themselves to the security of the country. They deserve fair treatment. We are not opposed to an investigation, but there is a way to do so within the law."