Victories around the board on 'Super Tuesday 2'

Clinton takes Mississippi while Sanders wins Michigan. Trump picks up Mississippi and Michigan, Cruz dominates Idaho.

Ben Ariel , | updated: 7:39 AM

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is projected to defeat Bernie Sanders in the Mississippi primary, while Donald Trump is expected to win in the state on the Republican side, along with Michigan.

Ted Cruz for his part picked up Idaho from Trump, and Sanders won Michigan.

Clinton was widely expected to pick up a victory in Mississippi, which awards 36 delegates. She led Sanders by more than 40 points ahead of the Tuesday primary.

CNN noted that Clinton again dominated among the state's strong contingent of minority voters. She reportedly won 89 percent of black voters in the state.

Trump took Michigan as well, while Sanders defeated Clinton there on the Democratic side. 

For Trump, the victory in Mississippi gives him bragging rights in territory that should be Cruz country, The Hill noted.

Mississippi is a deeply conservative and heavily evangelical state, two factors thought to be in Cruz's favor.

It also borders Louisiana, where Cruz made a stunning late surge and almost beat Trump in Saturday's primary.