Jewish Home won't support law to suspend MKs

Citing 'troubling' language, Jewish Home announces it opposes Netanyahu-backed bill to suspend MKs for improper conduct.

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Jewish Home faction
Jewish Home faction
Hezki Ezra

The Jewish Home party announced Tuesday it will not support a bill backed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu granting the Knesset the power to suspend legislators for misconduct. 

The coalition heads, including Jewish Home's chairman Naftali Bennett, initially agreed to back the bill on Sunday amid widespread outrage over a meeting between three Arab MKs and the families of several Palestinians terrorists. 

However, on Tuesday the Jewish Home party announced that while they favor disciplinary action against the Arab MKs, they have concerns about the wording of the bill in its current form. 

"The principle that's troubling for us is that the bill allows Knesset members to oust other MKs who were elected by the public," sources in the party told Haaretz. 

The decision will likely undermine the bill, which the Coalition Management confirmed Monday could begin the process of advancement.

Instead, the language of the original bill is likely to be changed to conform Jewish Home's new standards before the bill can be  promoted through the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. 

"The Jewish Home faction opposes the original version of the law," the party said in a statement. "So tomorrow we will begin substantive work on producing a new version of the law in the Constitution committee."

"The law will be drafted and advanced on the basis of consensus among all the coalition factions, including Jewish Home."