'He Shouted at Me: Get Out!'

Molotov cocktail victim recounts her ordeal to the press, one day after firebomb leaves 25% of her body burned.

Tova Dvorin ,

Inbar's car after the firebombing
Inbar's car after the firebombing
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Inbar, the 27 year-old wounded in Monday night's Molotov cocktail attack in Jerusalem, spoke out about her ordeal Tuesday. 

"We were returning from Jerusalem from a vacation, my husband Uri and I," she recounted to Army Radio. "Suddenly we heard a very loud 'boom.' The car was filled with fire." 

"He shouted at me: 'get out! get out!" she continued. "I struggled and finally managed. Uri helped me extinguish my skirt, lay down and call for help. I asked someone to call an ambulance." 

An IDF soldier rushed to the scene; Inbar added that, thankfully, others also stopped to help - due in part to the fact that the attack unfolded on a main road.

"People were trying to help," she said. "There was a great couple of Russian origin, a man and a woman, who spoke with me, brought me a drink and reassured me."

Inbar suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 25% of her body. But on Tuesday morning, Uri noted to Arutz Sheva that she was incredibly brave throughout the ordeal. 

"She started rolling on the floor and I helped her put out the flames," Uri stated. "She was very brave, she did not scream or anything."

"I felt threatened and I drew my handgun and cocked it. I looked around for the person who threw the firebomb and saw no one."

The Israel Police engaged in a manhunt late Monday for the perpetrators, but so far, no suspects have been found.