'The Fire Spilled Onto My Wife's Skirt'

Uri Azrak recalls the moments in which a terrorist's firebomb crashed into their car in Jerusalem. 'She was very brave, she did not scream.'

Eliran Aharon ,

Uri Azrak
Uri Azrak
Arutz Sheva

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Uri Azrak recalled the moment at which a terrorist's firebomb struck his car Monday night. His wife, Inbar, 27, suffered burns on her legs and arms, and a soldier who arrived on the scene suffered smoke inhalation and some burns.

“My wife and I were having a simple conversation at the traffic light when we were hit by a firebomb from the right side,” Azrak recalled. “I was driving, my wife was next to me. The firebomb smashed the glass and the fire spilled onto my wife's legs, it caught her skirt and legs. In a few seconds' time I was outside the car.

“My wife took a few more seconds to free herself of the seat belt as she was burning. She started rolling on the floor and I helped her put out the flames. She was very brave, she did not scream or anything. I felt threatened and I drew my handgun and cocked it. I looked around for the person who threw the firebomb and saw no one. After a few minutes, a very nice couple stopped their car and helped me place my wife on the sidewalk. A few more minutes passed until the rescue and security forces arrived.

'No one to turn to'

Azrak expressed his feeling of frustration at the security situation in Israel. “We all know what is going on here in the country,” he said. “We all realize that there is a war being waged here, and we need to wage that war. We need to act and try to put an end to this phenomenon. It makes no sense that I live in places that are considered more dangerous by some people and in the end this happens to me in the heart of our capital, Jerusalem, and I see my wife burning. I feel that there is no one to turn to.”

Inbar's father told Arutz Sheva: “We pray that our daughter will emerge from this as fast and easily as possible, with God's help. She is suffering from very strong pain in parts of her body. The burns from the firebomb could also have killed her. For us the feeling is terrible – that something like this can happen inside Jerusalem, and this is not the first time. We expect that someone will know how to take action and that Jewish blood will not be spilled without someone paying the price.”