Border Police Strike Oz Tzion Outpost Again

Police raid the Oz Tzion outpost for the second straight day after having forced their way into girls’ homes and bulldozing them Tuesday.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Oz Tzion resident
Oz Tzion resident
Israel news photo

Border police and Yassam special force policemen raided the Oz Tzion outpost in Samaria for the second time in two days Wednesday morning and expelled several young women. Police remained so that the residents could not begin to rebuild their homes.

The day before, police forced their way into the girls' homes and forcibly rounded them up in one house while bulldozers destroyed four others.

The outpost is located next to Givat Assaf near Beit El and north of Jerusalem.

Tuesday’s raid resulted in the destruction of homes, but one structure remained after police were not able to display a legal document allowing the demolitions. They returned Wednesday to expel the girls.

“We will not be broken and will continue to live on the land of our forefathers,” one of the residents told Arutz Sheva.

Relating how police barged in Tuesday morning, she said, “Yassam [special forces] police arrived around 4 a.m. with two bulldozers and forced their way violently into our houses without displaying written orders and without explaining why they were there.

“They confiscated cell phones so no one could summon supporters to arrive, and they rounded up all the residents into one house until after they finished destroying the others."