Outpost Discrimination Angers Christian Tourists

Christian tourists, threatened by arrest during a visit in Yesha, ask Netanyahu why leftists at the site were not arrested.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ,

Oz Zion Resident
Oz Zion Resident
Israel news photo

Christian tourists, threatened with arrest during a solidarity visit at an outpost in Judea and Samaria, ask Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu why leftists at the site were not arrested.

The 34 Canadians and eight Americans stopped for a visit at the Oz Tzion outpost during their recent two-week visit.

“Your troops showed up and threatened to arrest the men of our group if we did not leave within 10 minutes,” Alberta, Canada resident Al Dublanko wrote the Prime Minister.

He revealed, “The colonel who came to arrest us confessed that he has seen many busloads of foreigners come to his region, all in support of the Arabs against the settlers.”

Dublanko asked Prime Minister Netanyahu, “Why would you so easily let these confessed enemies of Israel wander around with immunity, and arrest us who support you?  On a previous visit we went to Bat Ayin [in Gush Etzion], and the residents were visibly upset thinking us to be yet another busload of Peace Now activists coming to taunt them over the terrible slayings of their [the Bat Ayin] children.”  He was referring to the terrorist who infiltrated the town and murdered 13 year old Shlomo Nativ with an ax.

The Christian group had visited Oz Tzion shortly after Israeli police raided the community and destroyed most of it. Dublanko wrote, “The pathetic little outpost had already suffered the indignity of having 15 shacks torn down in a violent manner by your troops during the night, and they had succeeded in rebuilding only one….

“Mr. Netanyahu, you are confused. We are not your enemy. You do not seem to know who your heroes or your friends are. You move against your own people with the excuse of keeping rules and agreements, meanwhile ignoring the rules and even facilitating the rule breaking of your enemies.

“You protect the most anti-Semitic leftist groups as they move around your country trying to foment anti-Israeli sentiments, and expel our little group because we agree with the settlers in their belief that G-d gave the Jewish people the land. 

“Mr. Prime Minister, your attempt at appeasement of world opinion is not working nor can it ever work. Jews are a chosen people and Israel is a special country, established not by a UN declaration, or Balfour Declaration, or any negotiations, not even by the might of the IDF, but by an ancient promise by G-d….

“We Christians know this, the Arabs know this, and you and every Jew in the world knows this. This is not to be debated….

“The European nations who support the Anti- Israel peace movements so generously, have the same hatred toward the Jewish people that they showed in WW2, and these groups are just their grandchildren trying to finish the task…

Dublanko said he is planning to send his teenage children to Israel in the spring because “we want them to see the courage and faith of the settlers and the total commitment of the youth like those of Oz Tzion and Bat Ayin.  We ask that you not arrest them.”