StandWithUs to Protest Durban 'Circus'

As the Durban III Conference begins in New York, StandWithUs plans to protest outside, in the form of a circus exposing UN hypocrisy.

Elad Benari ,

Durban Circus
Durban Circus

The pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs is planning to protest the upcoming Durban III Conference, which begins on Thursday, in the form of a “circus” that will expose the hypocrisy of the United Nations.

The circus and clowns StandWithUs is sponsoring will appear in front of UN headquarters in New York on Thursday from noon until 2 PM, just as Durban III, which has been denounced by several countries including the United States, Canada, Israel and Italy, begins.

“One good way to counter the Durban conference’s hypocritical travesty of human rights is with parody,” StandWithUs CEO Roz Rothstein said. “Sometimes humor reveals the deepest truths. There is no possible rational response to the Durban conference’s perverse distortions. They are too divorced from any reality. In fact, they turn reality upside down. We plan to fight the UN ‘clowns’ with actual clowns that expose their hypocrisy and perversity.”

“Don’t these people ever learn?” she added. “Don’t the Durban III organizers understand how foolish they look, and that the liberal, democratic world that upholds human rights views them as clowns? The U.S., Italy, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, and other democracies have already said they will not even participate. Ahmadinejad is scheduled to speak again. His appearance exposes the real spirit of the Durban conferences. Ahmadinejad’s Iran violently represses its own people; persecutes political opponents; oppresses women, gays, and religious minorities; and is inciting genocide against Jews. That is what Durban I, II, and III are all about—hatred, fomenting racism, and abusing the rhetoric of human rights. Non-democratic nations are the majority in the UN, and they have hijacked it and perverted it. The Durban conferences are the prime symptom of this illness. They are a three-ring circus of sick hypocrisy.”

At the demonstration in New York, clowns will wear Ahmadinejad masks and hold balloons that label Durban III as a forum for hypocrisy, racism, and lies.

“The balloons are symbolic but accurate,” said Rothstein. “The Durban conferences cast all decent values to the winds. Hopefully, our demonstration will encourage the world to demand that the UN finally live up to its original ideals.”

Another organization, the Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ), is also organizing a protest outside the UN against the Conference, calling for nations to reject its anti-Israel agenda, and to walk out of the Conference as well.