Durban III Video to Top Ayalon's?

Pro-Israel groups launch information-packed video three days ahead of NYC rally. Will it be as successful as Foreign Ministry clips?

Gil Ronen ,

From the video
From the video

Pro-Israel activists have launched an information-packed public diplomacy video three days ahead of a major pro-Israel rally for September 21, when the UN is expected to vote on the Palestinian Authority bid for statehood. At least 15,000 are expected to attend.

The event has drawn support from a number of well-known pro-Israel groups, among them the World Zionist Federation, various Zionist youth groups, and the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. Members of Knesset and ministers will be among those to address the crowd at the rally, dubbed the “Durban III protest."

It remains to be seen whether the graphically sophisticated video can outperform or come close to the clear, informative, non-gimmicky clips released by the Foreign Ministry starring Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon who uses a personal approach– The Truth about the West Bank, which has received close to 400,000 views, and The Truth about the Peace Process, which has topped 120,000 views in less than a week. 

By far the most successful Israeli public diplomacy video to date was "We Con the World," privately produced by satirical website Latma, which has garnered millions of views.