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  Av 23, 5780 , 13/08/20

'Anyone ready to abandon the Temple Mount won't apply sovereignty'

The Temple Mount Heritage Institute and the organization "Students for the Temple Mount" have responded to news of Israel's peace agreement with the UAE with a warning, noting that included in the peace accord was a commitment on the part of PM Netanyahu to allow a greater number of Muslims to access the Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount.

"We, like all Israeli citizens, want peace and welcome any steps toward it," their statement reads. "However, we have trouble understanding why, time after time, the Temple Mount - the holiest site for the Jewish people - has become a bargaining chip between Israel and other nations.

"Just as the notion of 'Land for Peace' that appeared on the table with the Oslo Accords has been removed from the political agenda, so too do we need to remove from the agenda the notion of "The Temple Mount is only for Arabs, for Peace.' Sovereignty begins on the Temple Mount. Anyone who is ready to give up on the Temple Mount will never apply sovereignty to any other part of the country."

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