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  Tamuz 10, 5780 , 02/07/20

Potential covid-19 carriers equated to potential murderers

A person who experiences covid-19 symptoms and refuses to be tested for the virus is comparable to a "rodef" or someone who is chasing someone else with intent to murder. In such a case, according to Torah law, the one being chased or anyone who sees what is happening is allowed to kill the rodef.

The above comparison was provided by Rabbi David Yosef of the Har Nof neighborhood, a mostly ultra-Orthodox enclave in Jerusalem.

In an interview with Kol BaRama radio, Rabbi Yosef added, "It's hard for me to understand how an observant Jew with corona symptoms says 'I'm not going to be tested.' We even violate the Sabbath to save a life," the rabbi emphasized. "There is no reason in such cases to forego testing and if you see someone who is symptomatic but refuses to be tested you should inform the authorities about him," he concluded.

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