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  Iyar 28, 5780 , 22/05/20

Haifa professor: Future wars will be fought with keyboard and screen

Following yesterday's extensive attacks against Israeli websites, when presumed Iranian hackers posted anti-Israel messages and pictures on hundreds of websites, Haifa University's Professor Gabriel Weimann has reassured that the attacks were superficial in nature and did not pose an actual threat.

All the same, he cautioned that the country should be constantly on its guard and preparing for more sophisticated attacks, as future conflicts "will be fought mostly with a keyboard and screen and not with tanks, planes, or bombs."

He noted that just a few weeks ago, Israeli water plants were attacked by Iranian hackers, "attacks [that were] high-level, [demanding] sophistication, skills, and capacities," and that these are the types of attacks that the country will likely be dealing with in the future.

All the same, he expressed his view that "in terms of cyberwar, Israel is leading the world both on the defensive as well as the offensive fronts. Not because we are smarter, but because we are more challenged by cyberattacks, have more experience in this virtual battlefield and have advanced high-tech units in the army, the industry, and academia."

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