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  Iyar 28, 5780 , 22/05/20

Facebook to keep around 50% of staff working from home permanently

"It’s possible that in five to ten years, about fifty percent of our people could be working remotely," Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told staff yesterday, according to a report in The Telegraph. Other tech companies such as Twitter, Shopify, and Coinbase have made similar announcements in recent weeks.

Zuckerberg noted that this move could have a far-reaching impact, including that of reducing pollution with less commuters on the roads, but more significantly, it would mean "aggressively opening up remote hiring" with the company seeking to locate its workers in more diverse locations. However, he added that remote workers would be paid according to the cost of living in their places of residence and warned of "severe ramifications" for people lying about where they are living in order to be paid more.

Facebook is currently based in Silicon Valley, where salaries are approximately double the US average. According to Zuckerberg, many of those with the option of working from home are thinking of moving out of the cities and into rural areas, where there is "a better quality of life."

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