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  תמוז 20, 5776 , 26/07/16

Yogev on core curriculum: Israelis will learn - but not through legislation

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) explained why he voted today to cancel the Core Curriculum Law meant to force all schools to include mathematics, sciences, and English in their studies.

"I am for haredim learning core subjects such as mathematics and physics. I am also for the non-religious learning core subjects of Torah, faith, and the wisdom of the sages...however, it is not right to force legislation on the nation of Israel.

Therefore, I voted today for the cancellation of the law which legislates a general studies core curriculum in haredi education.

I have no doubt that through natural processes, the haredim will learn more math, and more will draft into the IDF, and that the secular will learn more Torah - but not through legislation."

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