Surrender Now, Ariel, Surrender

[An imaginary Palestinian's letter to Ariel Sharon.]

Isaac Kohn,

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[An imaginary Palestinian's letter to Ariel Sharon.]

Ahlan U'sahlan, Ariel,

I am taking the liberty of addressing you by your first name. 'Prime Minister' is too honorable.

Congratulations! May Allah bless you forever and ever and keep you in the impotent political position you are in. Congratulations, dear Ariel. Heaps of blessings and good wishes to you and that soon-to-be-obliterated, illegal entity, Israel. You are following the script exactly as it was written and dictated.

In the name of our esteemed leaders, Arafat, Yassin and Nassrallah, we send you our warm blessings.

You wonder who I am? Wonder no more. I am every Palestinian, every Arab in the Middle East, every Moslem in the wide world of Islam, every anti-Semite lurking in the corner and behind every rock. The words of gratitude we have for you are immeasurable, as we watch your continued deterioration and free-fall ever lower into the abyss of imminent destruction. The fearless hero of past wars turning into a gutless lap-dog, doing the bidding of Uncle Sam, instills in us the excitement of the coming victory. The reversal in attitude and thinking you are exhibiting is a scientific marvel. How the mighty have fallen.

Your abandoning of your oft-professed convictions in face of the ongoing genocide against your people is indeed heartwarming. Stay the course, ya Ariel, stay the course you are treading. Stay on the path of self-destruction as we continue to hammer away at Israel's soft spots. While you fret as to your retaliation, lest you stoke the flames of the world's ever-present fire of antagonism, the hills and mountains of Israel are filling with fresh graves as new mounds of earth continue, almost daily, to sprout in every city and town. While your missiles and tanks target empty buildings, the mourning and wailing we hear, daily, from every corner of your state, is music to our collective ears.

While you follow US and UN dictates in preserving the cadavers of the Oslo Accords and the Road Map, the pictures of bereaved widows and orphans send happy shivers through our hearts. Your lukewarm, listless, frightened, politically-correct responses to the ongoing carnage are laughable. It spurs us towards bigger and gruesomely grandiose acts of atrocity. You are old, Ariel, old, tired, impotent. An old ox whose strength has been sapped, an old goat whose time has come to be put out to pasture.

Ya Ariel,

While you have abandoned your G-d, our young are pursuing the mission of glorifying murder as a holy, divine mission for the glorification of Allah. While you have relinquished your irrefutable claim to these lands, our youth is being trained well; the hate for Jews they are inhaling will continue to be freely demonstrated in upcoming road ambushes, kidnappings and homicide-bombings. We are not afraid of Israel's response, because your responses are laughable. No other country would tolerate what we are continuing to dish out; no other country would continue to bury its citizens on a near-daily basis and tally its orphans as the number reaches into the thousands. No other country save yours would be able to look into a widow's eyes and know that it has not done nearly enough to prevent her husband's murder.

And such widows will be added to the growing roster as we continue in a relentless, unbroken pace. Our vow to eradicate the shame of your establishment on our lands will never stop. Your continuing indecision and virtual retreat in the face of our murderous onslaught gives us tremendous impetus to believe that the goal is on the horizon, the end of our sworn mission, within reach.

Surrender now, Ariel, surrender.

Ya Ariel,

Our cause is gaining strength, while your resolve is barely distinguishable. As you hesitate, we resolve to carry on the armed terror. In this regard, too, your help is most appreciated. While we continue our ceaseless pursuit of arming our people for that approaching day of total confrontation and completely ignore the precepts of every stupid agreement we consented to, you are leading Israel into a blind compliance with American and European dictates; dictates that work hand in hand with our own ultimate goal.

"Dismantle", "take apart", "disconnect", "disengage". While your lexicon of definitions to soften your actual retreat in the face of the ultimate battle is no more than a smoke screen hiding your moral collapse, we continue to notch our rifle butts with a growing number of your dead children. Bless you, Ariel for placing your position in the annals of history above principles and religion, above G-d and country. A people who profess disloyalty to their own creed, whose ideology regarding eternal ownership of these lands is vapor-thin, have no right to lay claim to them.

Thanks to the mantle of defeatism you have wrapped Israel in, the pot - our pot - at the end of the rainbow, ya Ariel, is filled with the broken shards of a dismantled Israel.