A Saudi-to-Haifa, Israel oil pipeline can save the world

An out-of-the-box idea for cementing a relationship with the anti-Iran Arab states.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan
In World War II, British tanks in Egypt heroically battled Rommel’s tanks coming east from Libya.  There have been many movies and TV shows made about these grand battles.  

No one seems to have asked a simple question:

Where did the British get the raw unrefined oil, and then the refined oil to fuel their tanks and battleships of the Mediterranean Sea?  

Answer: The 500,000 Jews of Mandate Palestine saved Palestine from the Nazi-lover Jerusalem Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini by refining the oil that was transited by a pipeline from the Mesopotamian oil fields to Haifa.  Without the 500,000 Jews of 1930-1940 pre-Israel Israel, Great Britain would have been wiped out of the Eastern Mediterranean before the War began. 

An Arab-Israel pipeline can save the world in what is shaping up into World War III just as the Arab-Pre-Israel pipeline saved the world in World War II.

In the unlikely, but possible, event that Russia and Iran succeed in decimating the Sunnis from Iraq through to Syria, win the contiguous land corridor from Iran to Syria and Lebanon and build an oil and gas pipeline to the Eastern Mediterranean, Saudi Arabia and the oil kingdoms have to have an answer or they will be wiped out by the Iran-Russian pipeline. 

A Saudi-Jordan-Israel oil and gas pipeline is the only answer.  It’s the shortest distance between the two points of Saudi Arabia and the Eastern Mediterranean.  That was the historical path of the westward oil pipeline before Israel was created in 1948, and the Arabs declared endless war.  Egypt is too unstable to protect and control its own pipeline through the Sinai, let alone anything grander.  Therefore, the Sunni oil kingdoms have one and only one choice: a pipeline through Israel.

Israel is the perfect hub for all the non-evil-axis (though far from democratic) regional players: Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus/Greece, and Saudi Arabia.  The reason is that they all trust Israel not to attack each of them, whereas they all believe each would attack the other if they gained a contiguous border.  In short, Israel keeps all of the major players honest.  Therefore, Israel is the perfect buffer state for them. 
Israel is the military glue that not only acts to protect all the parties but acts as the key middle transit area connecting all the players.  For all of the players this is a key element.  Israel has the necessary military power projection for all the players without the usual threat projection that comes from the power projection. Israel can play a key role in protecting the pipeline from attack.
Such a pipeline will be an economic boom for Jordan and other Arabs in the area.  They will hopefully come to see Israel as the enabler of their economic base, and not an enemy.  For, if Israel were harmed, the pipeline would be doomed for destruction along with their economies.  In this regard, Turkey would be the greatest beneficiary because it would be guaranteed a secure source of gas and oil for its own use as well as for piping through to Europe.
Israel is not only an ally of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Sunnis in the military struggle against the waxing Persian Safavidic hegemon Iran, it is also a vital partner in the economic war against the ayatollah's regimeilo.