False Flag Deception May Trigger Multi-Front -Iran War

Inundated by rumors, speculation and media frenzy of an imminent Israeli attack on Iran, the highly touted October surprise may keep the general public totally confused until the moment of attack. The EMP writer on the Iran debate.

Dr. Joe Tuzara

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Dr. Joe Tuzara

The lack of support of public opinion, will not prevent Israel from waging a pre-emptive October surprise strike against Iran’s underground nuclear enrichment facilities.

Under present circumstances, the prime minister and the security cabinet are in a pivotal position to assess the risks, hidden dangers and the unpredictable outcome of unilateral military option.

For these reasons, Israel exploits the weakness of the mainstream media by allowing other forms of propaganda to motivate the global community and to prepare the Israeli people concerning an impending multi-front war with Iran and its proxies.

From the Israeli perspective, the timing of the attack garnered attention, debates and discussions that were quite simply not understood and overlooked.

As serious as the danger is, Israel’s dilemmas are rather more intricately complicated by the civil unrest in Syria, the soft underbelly of Iran and its only major ally in the Middle East.

For one thing, psychological operations (psyOps) are going to play a major role as Israel’s most effective weapon, and the deployment by its enemies via proxies, a critical part of the full-scale war in the Greater Middle East.

Of particular concern to Israel at the moment, is the possibility of Syria’s transfer of “anti-aircraft missiles” or even chemical weapons to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

In response, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in an interview with Israeli Channel 10, confirmed that he has ordered the military to prepare for a possible full-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, with the goal of seizing weapons from the Syrian military.

What happens next is intriguing. Pentagon officials had been dispatched to try to talk Israel out of the invasion, warning it would bolster Assad’s position.

Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood-led Team Obama was quick to dissuade Israel,, but ironically stone deaf when it comes to the flagrant violation of human rights of persecuted Christians in Muslim countries.

The interesting part of the discussion presupposes the involvement of the CIA, Turkey and Arab Gulf states to train and arm Islamist recruits from the rebel Free Syrian Army.

On the other hand, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps are organizing militias and Iran has activated its proxies, Hizbullah in Lebanon and Syria and the Palestinian Hamas in Gaza, implicated in the Sinai attacks.

As Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren was quoted as saying, the Palestinian terrorist organization Islamic Jihad is "owned and operated by Tehran.”

In fact, global jihad terrorists in Sinai, receive financial and logistical support from other Salafi terror cells in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For obvious reasons, Iran’s steadfast presence within the Syrian military is not surprising. For Iran, the downfall of Assad regime is a huge setback to its hegemonic ambitions in the region.

Therefore, a radical shift in the strategic balance of power is not only harmful to Iran, but a prelude to the end of Iranian outreach, whose avowed goal is to destroy Israel and the U. S, rhetorically and operationally.

In the final conflict, Iran’s growing desire to annihilate Israel is by way of Syria and Lebanon. Most likely, the pretext of defending Syria against foreign forces must be credible enough, but as it turns out, it is dubious at its best.

Unfortunately, however, the instability around Israel’s border is a clear “casus belli” to strike Syria and Hizbullah in Lebanon, where thousands of mainly short-range rockets were smuggled by Iran via Syria.

Frankly speaking, there is a strong possibility that the cascade of false flag events may erupt from Syria, in the Sinai Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf.

Pointedly, however, Iran does not want U.S. involvement in the simmered rumors of its conflict with Israel, simply because an escalation involving a superpower means Iran’s untimely assured destruction.

Make no mistake, Iran verily hopes to gain weapons of mass destruction with second strike capability out of Syria. In doing so, unleashing chemical weapons stockpiles to Hizbullah will surely become the Waterloo of the Islamic regime.

Notwithstanding, the destructive nature of foreign policy by the current U.S. administration is such that any decent Israeli or American cannot deny the fact that Obama has deliberately undermined Israel and continues to do so. The untold fiasco and turmoil in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, Syria and the Islamist-led Egypt are testament to Obama’s unprecedented failure in foreign policy.

It really makes no sense at all.

Furthermore, Obama’s doctrine of “leading from behind ” has led Israel not to trust Obama whose pathological fixation sadly, is only by himself, for himself, and of himself.

Indeed, the Obama administration has caused serious damage to Israel, not to mention the calculated leaks to undermine Israel’s military capabilities.

After the Arab Spring, radical Islam has gotten emboldened and more ambitious as a result of misplaced U.S. foreign policy. The lack of leadership at the White House and ensuing loss of U.S. credibility propelled Iraq into the Iranian orbit, and Afghanistan is desperately seeking to switch new alliances with Iran and the Taliban.

The sad reality is that Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, whose Islamist rulers may soon abrogate its peace treaty with Israel. The process of eventual takeover of Sinai by Egypt is alarming and detrimental to Israel’s security. .

Adding more insult to injury, Obama’s request for an urgent meeting with the prime minister in September in New York, in an election year, once again is another tricky ploy, a deception and a trap for Israel.

The bottom line is when to wag the dog.

It will be no surprise even if Obama pre-empts Israel by initiating an attack on Iran before November’s presidential election, a reckless strategy to get re-elected for the second term.

The narcissistic, pro-Marxist and Muslim-raised U.S. president is incredibly hiding behind the Christian faith and effectively mobilizing the liberal American Jews as “useful idiots” for his own political advantage. In the final analysis, the Jewish leaders have much to worry about.

Going back, Israel committed a strategic blunder by believing the Oslo Accords- which led to the deaths of more than 1,000 Israelis, hoping it would usher in a “new Middle East”; and in minimizing the threats posed by the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, which led to thousands of rockets and missiles being fired on the South.

In essence, Israel rightly or wrongly, has learned the mistakes and must never condone repeating them. 

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.