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'West Doesn't Realize Iran Threatens Them Too'

Deputy PM Silvan Shalom says West appeasing Iran because leaders don't realize 'we're all in the same boat.'

Dept. PM: West Doesn't Realize Iran is a Threat to Them As Well

UK: Students Disrupt Israeli Ambassador

Israeli Ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub subject to protests at LSE; students even pulled the fire alarm.

UK: Students Set Off Fire Alarm to Disrupt Israeli Ambassador

Galloway Angry at Amb. Visit to 'Israel-Free' City

Anti-Israel British MP calls visit by Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub a 'provocation', as 'Israeli-free' zone 'breached' yet again.

Galloway Attacks Israel Ambassador's Visit to 'Israel-Free' Zone

Israeli Ambassador Visits 'Israel Free' City

Israel’s ambassador to Britain visits Bradford, following comments by George Galloway who declared the constituency an "Israel free zone".

Israeli Ambassador Visits 'Israel Free' British City

Israel's UK Ambassador Condemns Church Paper

Outrage causes Church of Scotland to agree to reword report that questioned the divine right of Jews to Israel.

Israel's UK Ambassador Condemns Offensive Church Paper

Israel: London Times Cartoon 'Outrageous'

Israel's London Ambassador denounces "vicious motifs" and "crude and shallow hatred" of cartoon.

Israel: London Times Cartoon 'Outrageous'