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Otzma Yehudit demands compensation and apology from Rabbi Lau

In response to Rabbi Lau's remarks against Otzma Yehudit, the party's leaders demand an apology and 100,000 shekels.

Otzma Yehudit demands compensation and apology from Rabbi Lau

Ben-Ari: I Get Raided, Zoabi Gets Away Scot-Free

Former MK Michael Ben-Ari slammed police for their 'invasion' of the offices of the new Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Strength) party.

Ben-Ari: I Get Raided, Zoabi Gets Away Scot-Free

More MKs Call on Netanyahu to Fire Barak

Two more members of the Knesset are calling on PM Netanyahu to fire DM Barak for the "mistrust" he is causing within the party

More MKs Call on Netanyahu to Fire Barak

Ben-Ari Unapologetic: I Stood Up for Israel

MK Ben-Ari does not regret ripping Christian Bible, and criticizes Rivlin and the ADL for their silence on similar issues.

Ben-Ari Unapologetic: I Stood Up for the People of Israel

Hatikva Residents to Take Self-Defense Courses

Residents of the Hatikva neighborhood will soon have the opportunity to take self-defense courses, a response to crimes by illegal Africans.

Fearing Africans, Hatikva Residents to Take Self-Defense Courses

Knesset Slaps Congress for Visa Ban on MK Ben Ari

The Knesset Speaker bars women MKs from traveling to a Congressional conference in retaliation for refusal to grant MK Ben Ari a visa.

Knesset Speaker Slaps Congress for Banning Visa to MK Ben-Ari

Ben-Ari in Lone Protest in Nazareth

MK Ben-Ari visits Nazareth with his trademark flag, faces off against hundreds of Arabs.

Ben-Ari in Lone Protest in Nazareth

Judge: Haifa Attack Reminiscent of Ramallah Lynch

A Haifa judge says attack on two soldiers reminds him of Ramallah lynch. MK Ben-Ari visits the victims.

Judge: Haifa Attack Reminiscent of Ramallah Lynch

MK Ben-Ari: Gal-on 'Not Important Enough'

MK Zahava Gal-on, the latest “martyr” for the left, isn't important enough to be "threatened" by the right, says MK Michael Ben-Ari.

MK Ben-Ari: Gal-on 'Not Important Enough to Threaten'

Ben-Ari: Change Name of Rabin Street

MK Michael Ben-Ari said his idea to change the name of Rabin Street in Ashkelon to that of a terror victim would help protect his dignity.

Ben-Ari: Change Name of Rabin Street to Protect His Dignity

Ben-Ari’s ‘Magic Pen’ to Release Jewish Prisoners

MK Michael Ben-Ari offers President, Justice Minister a “magic pen” that will let them release Jewish prisoners.

Ben-Ari’s ‘Magic Pen’ to Release Jewish Prisoners

MK: Punish Prosecutor who Ignored Orders on Migron

MK Ben-Ari calls to punish a state prosecutor who ignored a court order and state protocol to push forward the Migron demolitions.

MK: Punish Prosecutor who Ignored Orders on Migron

Ben-Ari Faces Off with Critic

MK Ben-Ari supports residents of his childhood neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv, fends off leftist critic.

Ben-Ari Faces Off with Leftist Critic

'Joseph's Tomb Shooting Terror'

Terror victims group slams Chief of Staff for failing to call shooting a terror attack, Ben-Ari calls to “fight the terrorists in uniform.”

'Call Joseph's Tomb Shooting Terrorism'

Left-Wing MK Limits Tolerance

Left-Wing MK Gal-On forced Haifa U. to cancel a joint appearance with Nationalist MK Ben-Ari, whom she called a racist. ”She is like McCarthy".

Left-Wing ‘McCarthy’ MK Bans ‘Racist’ Ben-Ari

Ben-Ari: Enemies in Knesset

"Stop the hypocrisy. There are enemy representatives in the Knesset," says NU's Ben-Ari after a run-in with Speaker Rivlin, MK Tibi.

Ben-Ari: There are Enemies in the Knesset

Oscar Winning Illegals to Stay?

MK Ben-Ari scolds interior Minister Eli Yishai for delaying deportation of illegal aliens in Oscar-winning film. "The law is the law," he insists.

MK Ben-Ari: Deport the Oscar Winning Illegals

Ben-Ari to Sit on Inquiry C'tee

National Union MK promises to be "as fair to the leftists and Arabs as Dorit Beinisch and the 'Rule-of-Law Gang' are toward the settlers."

Ben-Ari Appointed to Inquiry Committee on NGO Funding

Bill to Grant Rabbis Immunity

NU's Ben-Ari wants rabbis to have immunity from prosecution regarding actions and pronouncements that are part of their leadership duties.

Bill Would Grant Rabbis Immunity Regarding Freedom of Speech

Peace Now 'Warns' of 2000 Homes

Attempting to goad more int'l pressure on Israel to extend construction freeze, Peace Now warns that 2,066 Jewish homes can be built immediately.

Peace Now: 2,066 Jewish Homes Ready to be Built in Judea/Samaria

'Arab Radio Incites Terror'

MK Ben-Ari cites encouragement of Gaza-bound flotillas in request to shut down A-Shams radio station.

Ben-Ari: Arab Radio Inciting to Terrorism

Arab MKs to Lose Privileges?

The Knesset's House Committee will decide Monday whether to strip Arab MKs of immunity and other special rights following their trip to Libya.

'Historic' Debate to Determine if Arab MKs will Lose Privileges

Fatah Leaders Praise Mass Murder

A Fatah conference in Ramallah included words of praise for terrorists, including the one who murdered 35 Israelis.

Fatah Leaders Praise Mass Murderer

Drama in Jericho Synagogue

An MK and several activists circumvent the IDF to enter Jericho in dramatic protest for a Jewish presence. They said they were removed "violently."

MK, Activists in Jericho Synagogue Drama

Maternity Leave to Double?

A new bill would legally extend maternity leave from the current three months to six months.

First Reading Passes for Double Maternity Leave

Appeal on Barghouti Interview

After Prisons Service failed to punish terrorist Marghouti Bargouti for giving unauthorized media interviews, MK Ben Ari asks court to step in.

MK Ben-Ari: Why Barghouti Allowed to Interview?

Bargouti’s Illegal Campaign

National Union MK Ben-Ari will appeal to the High Court if prison officials do not punish terrorist Marwan Barghouti for illegal media interviews.

Officials Ignore Terrorist Barghouti’s Illegal Media Campaign

U.S. Interfering in Knesset?

MK Ben-Ari says U.S. envoy Mitchell intervened in internal Knesset affairs over a planned speech in memory of Rabbi Kahane.

Is US Envoy Mitchell Interfering in Knesset Policy?

U.S. Denies Visa to MK Ben-Ari

MK Ben-Ari reports that he has been denied a visa to the United States, apparently due to pre-Disengagement protest activity.

U.S. Denies Visa to MK Ben-Ari

Knesset Ignores Kahane

The Knesset has pulled a speech by MK Ben-Ari in honor of slain former MK Rabbi Meir Kahane. A hearing was postponed due to low attendance.

Knesset Ignores Kahane; MK's Memorial Speech Pulled

Ben-Ari to Boycott Rabin Session

A first: MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) has announced that he will boycott the official memorial Knesset session for Yitzchak Rabin.

MK Ben-Ari to Boycott Rabin Memorial

Knesset Bans Peace Now Chairman

The Knesset has banned Peace Now chairman Yariv Oppenheimer after he ordered three activists to pose as students while interviewing MKs.

Knesset Bans Peace Now Chairman

MK Ben-Ari: Memorialize Kahane

MK Dr. Ben-Ari is urging Israeli leaders to perpetuate the memory Rabbi Meir Kahane, the New York-born founder of the now illegal Kach movement.

Kahane Lives: MK Ben-Ari Urges Memorializing Kahane

Triple Terror Threat

Israel faces a new triple terror axis of Hamas, Sheikh Salah and Abbas, says Ben-Eliezer. MK Ben-Ari: Outlaw Islamic Movement as a terror group

Labor Minister: Break Islamic Movement-Hamas-PA Terror Axis

Jerusalem: Arabs Riot, Cop Hurt

Arabs rioted in northern Jerusalem on Sunday as MK Ben-Ari warned: police policy encourages violent attacks.

Arab Riots Continue in Jerusalem, Policeman Hurt

MK Rips PM for Bowed Head

National Union MK says PM's body language humiliated Israel but Minister Yishai lauds him for 'standing firm.'

Netanyahu Ripped for Bowed Head, Lauded for 'Standing Firm'

Rabbis: No Land Sales to Arabs

Rabbis meet in Jerusalem to discuss the phenomenon of land sales to Arabs. Ben-Ari: Our land will be sold from under our feet.

Rabbis: No Land Sales to Arabs

Ministers: No Chance for Peace

Senior members of Netanyahu's cabinet say there's no chance of reaching peace with the PA following accusation that Israel killed Arafat.

Bibi's Ministers: No Chance for Peace with PA

Ben-Ari Joins Anti-Outpost Lobby

National Union MK will join Labor MK Ofer Pines in a Knesset lobby opposing "illegal outposts." The 2 MKs' definitions of outposts differ greatly.

Labor, Nationalist MKs Ally against Outposts - but Which Ones?