Rocket Attacks

A Gaza-fired Kassam rocket landed Monday afternoon near Zikim, causing no casualties or damage. Another Kassam rocket landed in the western Negev area Sunday, near a gas station in proximity to Moshav Mavki’im, and a Kassam fell in the western Negev near Kibbutz Yad Mordechai. There were no injuries.

An unexploded Kassam rocket fired by Gaza terrorists into Israeli territory was discovered near a cemetery in the Sderot area. Sappers defused the explosive device.


IDF soldiers apprehended a woman who attempted to infiltrate into Israel at the northern area of the Egyptian border crossing. She was turned over to security authorities for questioning.

IDF troops patrolling along the Gaza border fence apprehended four unarmed Palestinian Authority (PA) residents in the Karem Shalom area. They were taken into custody and turned over to the custody of security authorities.

Rock Attacks

A Jewish woman from Shvut Rachel in Binyamin was wounded in her face by rocks hurled at her vehicle by Arabs while she traveled along Route 60 in Samaria near the Arab village of Sinjel, south of Shilo. She received first-aid treatment in nearby Maaleh Levonah.

Stones were thrown at an Israeli motorist driving near the community of Rechelim Monday afternoon – failing to injure the motorist or damage the vehicle.

Justice and Military Response

Israel’s security establishment has information about 70 terror attacks in the planning stages and 13 specific terror warnings. The IDF's ongoing operations in Shechem are an attempt to prevent many of those attacks. Shechem has increasingly become Judea and Samaria’s terror capital, ever since the destruction of four Jewish towns in northern Samaria in the course of the Disengagement. The Jewish presence there prevented close collaboration between the terrorists of Shechem and Jenin.

Police have asked a Jerusalem court to remand two Fatah terrorists seized at the A-Ram road block north of the capital. The terrorists, members of the Al-Aksa Brigades, the terror wing of the Fatah, admitted to throwing firebombs and stoning military and Jewish civilian vehicles in the Beit El area north of Ramallah. Fatah is the party of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas; he has been known as Abu Mazen ever since his days as PLO terrorist/treasurer. Since the Hamas victory in PA elections last month, the Fatah has been intensifying terrorist activity against Israel.

IDF artillery fire during the night was directed into northern Gaza, targeting areas from which Kassam rockets are launched into southern pre-1967 Israel.

IDF soldiers involved in counter-terrorism efforts throughout Judea and Samaria during the night arrested 26 suspected terrorists. Arrests were made in the Shechem district, north of Ramallah and in the Bethlehem region. Suspects in custody include Fatah Tanzim, Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists.

A Fatah terrorist was arrested by security forces in the Arab village of Roujib, southeast of Shechem Sunday night. The wanted terrorist was given to interrogators for investigation.

An indictment was handed down against I’ad Abu Rob in the Salim Military Court on Sunday. He stands accused of involvement in two suicide bombing attacks, in the Beit She'an area and in Hadera. On June 19, 2003, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a grocery store in Moshav S'dei Trumot, near Beit She'an. The owner of the store was killed in the attack. Police believe the bomber intended to target a nearby soldiers' bus stop but the bomb detonated prematurely. On October 26, 2005, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber blew himself up in the shuk (marketplace) in Hadera, murdering five and leaving 55 injured, some seriously. Abu Rob also stands accused of involvement in other attacks.

PA Lawlessness

The body of an Israeli Arab was discovered on Sunday morning in the Arab village of Banai Na’im in the Hevron area. It appears the man was abducted and murdered on Saturday on suspicion of collaborating with Israeli security authorities.

Three residents of Palestinian Authority-controlled Shechem were arrested after they robbed and stole taxis from Israeli drivers who drove them to the Israeli-Arab municipality of Tira.