Rivalry between Fatah and Hamas, the two main terror groups vying for control of the PA took a violent turn Thursday afternoon, a few hours after early election results pointed to a Hamas victory in parliamentary elections.

Hamas supporters in Ramallah, a Fatah stronghold, stormed into the PA parliament building while clashing with Fatah supporters. Up until the election the Fatah was the ruling party in the PA. As the Hamas victory became clear, the Fatah government of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas resigned.

According to reports, the Hamas succeeded in raising its flag, a green banner, on top of the parliament building. That act, provoked clashes with Fatah supporters who tried to lower the banner. The two sides threw rocks at each other and a number of windows in the parliament building were broken.

An estimated 3000 Hamas men cheered on as the flag was repositioned on the building’s roof.

A number of shots were also fired into the fray. Witnesses said that at least two persons were wounded. There were no serious injuries, according to sources in the PA police.

PA police attempted to intervene and separate the two groups.