Arabs are threatening that attacks will continue.

The terror attack, which killed 21-year-old Lt. Uri Binamo and three Arabs, and wounded nine others, was intended for a target inside Israel's main population centers. The suicide bomber detonated his explosives when stopped at a surprise checkpoint outside of Tulkarm. The blast was the second murderous bombing attack in less than a month.

In response, the IDF placed a closure on the Arab-controlled city of Tulkarm, restricted Arab traffic in northern Samaria and arrested 10 terrorists with links to Islamic Jihad. Defense officials have reported that Islamic Jihad cells in the area were responsible for the attack, despite recent operations that wiped out many of the suicide gangs.

The IDF has established additional checkpoints throughout the country, like the one set up yesterday, in response to numerous terror warnings. At least 10 specific warnings and more than four dozen general terror warnings are still in effect.

Israel's Deputy Defense Minister Ze'ev Boim, commented on the non-stop nature of Arab terrorist activity. "They are trying all the time to carry out operations,” Boim stated. Referring to Thursday's murderous suicide blast, he continued, “A massive disaster was prevented."

Head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) Yuval Diskin added that the actions of the IDF soldiers at the checkpoint saved the lives of many Israelis and called the slain officer a hero. “If First Lieutenant Binamo and his friends had not blocked the suicide bomber with their bodies, this day would have ended much worse.”

In Judea, IDF troops involved in counter-terrorism operations during the night discovered an explosive device in Dura, southwest of Hevron. The device was neutralized by military bomb demolition technicians without injuries.

Along the northern Gaza border, the IDF is enforcing a restricted “security zone” in an attempt to halt rocket attacks into Israel. The zone roughly incorporates the areas inhabited by Jewish residents in northern Gaza before they forced to evacuate their homes in August.

The Israeli Air Force dropped leaflets written in Arabic throughout Gaza, warning Palestinians to keep out of the restricted zone to avoid endangering their lives. The IDF also has been flying over Gaza population centers and breaking the sound barrier to cause massive sonic booms as a warning against future terror attacks.

An IDF spokesperson stated Friday, "Our aircraft attacked six roads in the north of the Gaza Strip leading to sites from where it is possible to launch Kassam rockets against Israel, and our artillery batteries fired about 30 shells at the sector."

Israel also retaliated for multiple Katyusha rocket attacks from Lebanon on the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona on Wednesday. The air force fired on the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group's training camp near the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Little damage and no injuries were reported.

Retired IDF Northern District commander and former Mossad Intelligence Agency senior official Amiram Levine told Israel's Army Radio on Friday morning that Israel must increase its response to rocket attacks from southern Lebanon.

Levine stated attacks across the internationally recognized border cannot be tolerated and Hezbollah and other terrorists must be made painfully aware that such attacks will carry a heavy price.

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