The blast occurred at approximately 11:30 AM. Some 55 people are reported wounded in light and moderate condition. Approximately half of them were evacuated to Laniado Hospital in Netanya, and the others were taken to Hillel Yafeh in Hadera and Meir in Kfar Saba

Large police forces flooded the area and erected checkpoints, causing large traffic jams, and helicopters were sent into the air, to try to track down those responsible for driving the murderer to the site. Two cars were reportedly seen speeding away from the site of the attack.

A wounded Jewish woman being carried to an ambulance.

As has occurred many times in the past, the terrorist was unsuccessful in entering the mall, and was forced to detonate himself outside the building. A policewoman who was lightly wounded reported that a passerby alerted her to a suspicious figure, who began to run when she gave chase in her police car. "He was blonde, tall and holding a large bag. One of the [mall's] guards grabbed him by the shoulder, but I yelled, 'Forget the shoulder, get his hand!' because I saw that he had his hand in the bag. But then he blew himself up..." She said it was the seventh time she had been present at the scene of a terrorist attack.

Other witnesses that the guard pushed the terrorist away from the entrance to the mall. Police Chief Moshe Karadi said the explosion occurred about ten meters from the mall entrance.

The HaSharon Mall, half an hour after the bombing.

It is assumed that the Islamic Jihad is behind the murderous attack. The Palestinian Authority issued an immediate condemnation - but Israeli sources say it has almost never taken concrete action against the terrorists in its midst.

Blood spattered on the side of the Netanya shopping mall.

The HaSharon Mall has seen similar scenes before. Five months ago, on July 12, five people were killed when a suicide terrorist blew himself up outside the entrance to the mall. Close to 90 people were wounded. The 18-year-old murderer was a resident of Tul Karem, just a few kilometers to the east of Netanya. In May 2001, a suicide terrorist blew himself up in the same place, killing five.

Less than a half-hour after the attack, commentators noted that once again, the controversial partition fence/wall had not succeeded in keeping the terrorists out. One surmisal is that the terrorist had simply hitched a ride into Netanya.

The body of one of those murdered in the attack.

This was the fifth such attack this year. Just six weeks ago, a terrorist bombing in an open-air market in the city of Hadera, to the north of Netanya, killed five people and wounded more than 30.