The background of the letter is this week's Rafah agreement, forged under strong pressure by Secretary Rice. The agreement deals with the Rafah Crossing along the Philadelphi Route between Egypt and Gaza, which for years has been a favored spot for terrorists to smuggle in terrorists, weapons and drugs. Under the terms of the newly signed arrangements, Israel foregoes almost all control in the area, becoming vulnerable to terrorist threats from Sinai, Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

A sample letter can be seen here.

The campaign is being undertaken on the backdrop of the signing of the agreement that all Israeli security bodies consider dangerous. It also takes into account the U.S. insistence that Israel do nothing to prevent Hamas terrorists from taking part in the upcoming Palestinian Authority election.

Similar campaigns in the past have concentrated not only on letter-writing protests to public officials, but also on writing letters to newspaper editors, calling radio programs, and other methods of "getting the word out."

The sample letter accuses Bush and Rice, by pressuring Israel to allow Palestinian travel between Gaza and Hebron, of "establishing a pathway for violence," of "putting Israel at grave risk," and of "siding with our terrorist enemies." It also criticizes the agreement for "permitting the construction of a seaport in Gaza," and for not insisting on the cessation of terror.

"By not taking a stand against Hamas running in the Palestinian elections," the sample letter continues, "you are forcing Israel into dangerous compromises with the Palestinians and are guaranteeing more terror in the Middle East. These untenable policies are an outrage and are counter-productive to our efforts in Iraq."