Events this week:

* Monday evening, 8: 30 PM - Lively spokeswoman Anita Tucker of Netzer Hazani will speak at the Israel Center, on Keren HaYesod St. in Jerusalem. She is a grandmother several times over, a former celery grower, who currently lives with most of the other expelled Netzer Hazani families in Hispin in the Golan. She celebrated the marriage of her youngest son last night.

* Tuesday, 3:30 PM at the Be'er Sheva District Court - Shimshon Cytryn, 18, accused of attempted murder related to his involvement in a rock-throwing fracas with Arabs on the Gush Katif beach three months ago, is requesting to be released from prison and placed under outside supervision. The Cytryn family requests the public's participation and support, believing it could help influence the decision.

* This Thursday, 4 PM - a reunion of all former Gush Katif residents at Kisufim, featuring a flag-lowering ceremony and an exhibition entitled "My Gush Katif." The event will continue at 6: 30 PM at Kfar Maimon.

* Last night (Sunday), left-wing Peace Now activists - as well as three busloads of Russian-speaking immigrants who were brought there against their will - held a demonstration in Jerusalem's Paris Square. The protest was countered by a right-wing demonstration, in which protestors reported police brutality and violence against them.

* Next week: A Rosh HaShanah prayer service for all the former N'vei Dekalim residents who are currently dispersed in four different Jerusalem hotels will be held at the Heichalei HaSimcha hall on Yirmiyahu St., not far from the Central Bus Station. The residents thank Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton for her efforts to this end.

* Next week: The former residents of Netzarim are planning to start a new community in the Negev - but the caravans that have been allocated to them are in poor condition. Those who wish to help out in refurbishing them are asked to call Arik Yefet, at 054-568 4573.