Heads of Israel’s Kibbutz movement, who generally supported the withdrawal from Gaza, are demanding that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon take the necessary measures to ensure that their communities along the Gaza border are well defended against terrorist attacks.

Movement heads, Ze’ev Shore and Gavri Bargil have sent a letter to Sharon, claiming that the government has done little to protect their towns from attacks emanating from the Gaza district, which after Israel’s withdrawal, is controlled by various Arab terror factions.

“We have continuously supported the disengagement,” they wrote Sharon, “but along with that we have warned about the lack of appropriate protection for the defense of our towns.”

The two leaders cited a list of government promises for defending the communities that have gone unfulfilled.

They said the current situation “gives the impression that the government is careless about the security of our towns and the lives of its residents whose faithfulness, devotion, and ability to stand up against pressure, since the beginning of the state, is now working against them.”

They ended their letter demanding that the Defense Ministry immediately fulfill its obligations to the communities and take whatever measures necessary to ensure that they are adequately defended against terrorist attacks from the Gaza district.