In the days since the IDF began to withdraw completely from Gaza, PA TV broadcast several programs all emphasizing the goal of destroying the Jewish State. Palestinian Media Watch has issued a report on the broadcasts, including translations and video clips.

One of the broadcasts was a rerun of a so-called "historical educational" program first aired in 2003. It reiterates the PA teaching that Israel has no right to exist because all of Israel is "Palestine." It featured claims that Israel's continued existence is, by its very nature, a threat to the entire Arab world and displayed a map of all of Israel, marked Palestine under the PLO flag. The narrator, meanwhile, said that if Palestine is not "whole," meaning if Israel continues to exist, it is like a fatal knife thrust into the heart of the Arab nation, which threatens it in its entirety.

The following are quotes from the program, aired September 6, 2005 and July 1, 2003, which can be viewed by clicking here:

"The countries of our [Arab] homeland also have a heart...

"If the heart is whole and healthy, then all the other parts are whole and healthy. The heart of the Arab homeland is Palestine. The homeland remains whole and healthy if Palestine is whole and healthy...

"A stab in the heart is a deathblow.

"Throughout the generations of history there were those who directed the first stab at the heart of the Arab nation, to Palestine."

In a separate broadcast in PA television, an Arab academic expressed similar anticipation of Israel's eventual destruction, describing the joy of the Gaza withdrawal as incomplete until Israel experiences total destruction. "Nothing compares to this joy, the oppressed overcomes the oppressor," said Dr. Ismaeil Al-Fara, a lecturer at Al-Quds University, "but our happiness will be complete only with the return of all of our lands - the [West] Bank, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Tzfat, and other stolen cities."

The clip can be viewed by clicking here.

During another program aired on PA-controlled TV this past week, three children displayed their drawings of maps of "Palestine." All three children had erased Israel's existence completely in their drawings, while the maps were tied in barbed wire symbolizing "Palestine" as ensnared by Israel. "In this painting I wanted to emphasize the chains that the occupation puts on our people," said Mahmoud Eid, one of the children. "I painted this map of Palestine, with the Palestinian flag to say to our people that Palestine is still Palestine, and that the Palestinians deserve it - not the Jews."

"Destroying Israel continues to be a desired and attainable goal candidly presented in Palestinian Authority discourse and education," said Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook in their report. "The intensity of this hate message has increased on PA TV since Israel left Gush Katif in Gaza, as religious, political and educational leaders have encouraged Palestinians to perceive the events there as a first step towards Israel's destruction."