Aviad Visuly, head of the Haifa-based Land of Israel Task Force, summed up for Arutz-7 the tremendous amounts of valuable equipment and infrastructures that Israel has left behind in Gaza for future Arab - and terrorist - use:

"90% of government-owned assets in Gush Katif remain intact, and hundreds of millions of shekels' worth of property will soon be handed over for the terrorists to use or sell. The government did not dismantle anything except for the residents' houses. All the public buildings - schools, yeshivot, children's nurseries, offices, community centers, factories, stores, gas stations, warehouses, shelters and the like - will be given as a gift by the Government of Israel to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and their ilk.

"But Israel is not only giving the terror organizations inestimable amounts of property and buildings. It is also transferring to them infrastructures and equipment worth many tens of millions of dollars, which they will be able to sell and then use the money. This includes fences of all types, including electric and warning fences, concrete blocks that can be used to protect their headquarters against IDF attacks, antennas, hundreds of kilometers of metal cables, water piping, pumps, irrigation systems, sewage systems, electrical equipment including substations, transformers and cables, and more.

"Sharon and his government thus become the official source of funding for terrorism, and he deserves the Nobel Prize for Terror," declared Visuly.

One thing the government tried not to leave behind was garbage. Some 1,500 soldiers spread out Thursday over the area to be abandoned and attempted to clean it of the trash and refuse that had gathered there over the past three weeks.

A senior officer in the sector told Arutz-7's Kobi Finkler, "For a month now, we've been eating only preserved food, there's hardly any running water in the bathrooms, and the conditions for the soldiers are most rudimentary. But apparently it's worth it so that the area can be transferred to the Arabs in clean and orderly condition."

Visuly concluded with a bitterly optimistic note: "The ruins of the houses in Gush Katif are equivalent to the results of about ten large hurricanes in the U.S. - where, in the worst case, people return to live after only about a year. In our case, it looks like the Arabs will never be able to rebuild it."

According to Visuly's reasoning, Gush Katif will be rebuilt only when the Jews return.