In some ways, Israel will continue to be strongly connected to Gaza:  Thousands of Arab workers will enter mainland Israel, and Israel will supply water for Arab agriculture.

Out of 4,000 dunams (almost 1,000 acres) of greenhouses built by the Jews of Gush Katif, with annual exports valued at $100 million, about 90% remain standing. Some of them still have fresh plants inside. In accordance with Shimon Peres' vision that well-off Arabs want only peace with Israel, the government is hoping that the Palestinian Authority will be able to operate the hothouses.

For this purpose, however, water is needed - and in great amounts.

The PA cannot supply it, because its wells have become very saline following the 11 years of unsupervised pumping since the Arabs took over the area under the terms of the Oslo Accords. The solution is, therefore, that Israel will continue to supply water to Gaza even after the withdrawal is completed. So reports Haggai Huberman in the name of a senior security source.

The PA police have issued police uniforms to the Arab farm employees who worked with the Israelis, and told each of them to be ready, as soon as Israel leaves, to run to "their" greenhouses and protect them from the expected mobs.

In addition to supplying water, Israel will also continue to be connected to Gaza for the next several years in this way: Some 10,000 Arab workers from Gaza will be allowed, every day, to cross over into mainland Israel. This, despite the claim by many pro-disengagement elements that Israel must separate itself from Gaza, along the lines of, "We're here and they're there."